Why wont my dog come when called? Recall Training with America's Canine Educator

Why wont my dog come when called? Recall Training with America's Canine Educator

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Why wont my dog come when called?

This is a Recall Problem solving episode! In this video you will find a longer theory of recall, more importantly how to troubleshoot for those of you still struggling. Thomas breaks down the situation for those of you at home that are really wanting more in depth look at the dogs behavior and recall training .

This young dog Gracie and her owner are struggling to get a consistent recall due to the way the command was originally set up. Sometimes our foundational set up is great for traditional obedience but never pans out in reality. We broke down the issues and in detail explained how to tighten the command back up!

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**Remember all training tools and methods should be accompanied by a canine professional! **

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