The Art of K9 Socialization – Puppy's 1st Strange Dog Off Leash

The Art of K9 Socialization – Puppy's 1st Strange Dog Off Leash

Watch 15 week Lycan Shepherd (f2) Ka-Bar on his 2nd off leash hike. He encounters and interacts with his 1st strange dog off leash in this video. I show here how I introduce my dogs to off leash training after spending the last several weeks imprinting him with a flexi-lead for it. You can begin to see in this video how that time training time walking on the flex-lead transfers over to the off leash behavior you are now already seeing modeled here by him in this video. Always keep your training sessions fun and positive for the puppy.

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!!! What is a Lycan Shepherd?

– It is a new working breed in the early stages of development. The breeds currently being used in its development are Blue Bay Shepherd, working line German Shepherd and Malinois. The breed is still in the early foundation stage of development.

*** Video regarding the Army SUPER DOG Program discussed in the video and how to do ‘Early Neurological Stimulation’ to your puppies to greatly affect their future found here…

You can see this litter being born in this video here…

German Shepherd Off Leash in Paradise

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