Teaching your Puppy how to Leave a Toy

Teaching your Puppy how to Leave a Toy

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Teaching your puppy to “leave it” is a brilliant way to teach a puppy what they can play with and what they cannot play with; including your favourite shoes or sunglasses. In this video Serena Dean teaches puppy Moose how to leave a treat given by hand and how to leave a toy by using best behaviour training methods. Serena will take you through tips and tricks to train your puppy to stop taking toys that do not belong to them.

Best Behaviour with Serena Dean aims to give you positive training tools so you can develop a strong relationship with your pet, allowing them to become a real part of your family. For more tips from Serena Dean, check out http://www.greencrossvet.com.au/bestbehaviour/.

Serena Dean has over 10 years’ experience within the Veterinary industry in both emergency and general practice. She is the national training and education coordinator at Australia’s largest Veterinary group, Greencross Vets. Serena has trained numerous nurses in animal behaviour and implemented a national animal behaviour program (Best Behaviour) that provides puppy school, juvenile obedience, one-on-one training and client education programs.
Serena holds a Bachelor of Applied Science majoring in Veterinary Technology & Management and Wildlife Biology, Certificate 4 in Veterinary Nursing, Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment and is a professional member of the Society of Veterinary Behaviour Technicians.

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