Puppy Classes at Highton Vet for March 2020

Puppy Classes at Highton Vet  for March 2020

For puppies aged 8 weeks to 16 weeks (4 months)
The most critical time in a puppy’s life for development is between 8 weeks to 16/18 weeks of age. This is when the puppy needs to build a ‘good reference library of experiences’ to help it cope into adulthood and give it good skills for the rest of its life. It is a time of nurturing the puppy with good experiences in a controlled environment, a time to teach manners, the rules of the family and how to relate to its environment. At Highton Veterinary Clinic our six week puppy class ensures that you are supported to help your puppy become a well-mannered and adjusted member of your family. We encourage the whole family to participate in our fun, and interactive classes, so that everyone is on the same page with teaching and supporting the puppy’s household manners. In our puppy class you will learn how to teach your puppy –
Its name and to come when called even under distraction.
How to avoid jumping up.
Sit, drop and stand.
Stay and wait.
Introducing walking on leash.
How to interact appropriately with other dogs and with people.
Tricks to enhance learning.
As well as some fun life experiences.
We will also have discussion times in the class for the puppies to have a break/quiet time. Topics covered are –
Dealing with mouthing, resource guarding, chewing and digging.
Toilet training.
Boredom prevention.
Maintain good health of your puppy.
How to generally care for your puppy in regards to grooming, bathing etc.
Understanding basic dog behaviour and why dogs do what they do sometimes.
Located at 88 Barrabool Road, Highton, Vic 3216

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