How to Train Your Dog to Search for Scent in K9 Nosework

How to Train Your Dog to Search for Scent in K9 Nosework

Hunter’s Heart trains scent detection by breaking it down into small achievable steps. Rewarding is crucial to motivating the dog to search for scent. We begin with a reward that the dog loves.

Sniffer dog training teaches the dog to search for target odors, while ignoring food, toys and distractions, in varied environments, including: containers, interiors, exteriors and vehicles. This video shows nosework dogs at all levels of training.

• Level 1 = “Find It” in the scent detection lab is where we motivate the dog to find scent, perform a systematic search, and find the precise location of source (the highest concentration of target odor).
• Level 2= “Show Me” trains a rock-solid indication e.g. freeze with focused attention or down
• Level 3 = Pre-trial preparation and generalisation. We polish distance, distractions, strange looking boxes, and new environments to prepare teams for nosework competition, from beginner level to elite international competition.

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Learn how to train your scent detection dog online with our international students: Get step by step coaching, timely answers to your questions and feedback on training sessions.

If you’re in the Calgary area, register now for classes, seminars or sniff and go (1 hour to try nosework or test your skills) at Kayenna Kennels, Calgary:

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