Get Your Puppy to Sleep Through the Night

Get Your Puppy to Sleep Through the Night

Here are just some of the things I touch on during this episode:

I delve deep into this listener’s situation so she can get some Zzzz’s versus getting the boot from her apartment! This podcast is jammed packed with action ideas, time hacks and true Champion transformation strategies!

Foster failing & why it is a great way to cherry pick the dog that best works for your family and existing dog(s).

Having your puppy drag the leash. I almost always mention this. If your puppy is a work in progress this is a must, must must!!

I don’t want you to be patient. F patience…Instead be anxious and excited to “drive your puppies drives!” Mainly its prey/play drive (tug/fetch and play with other dogs) and it’s chewing drive. In my course and part of some of my other podcasts I cover having your dog off leash or mimicking off leash by using a retractable leash.

Great, thanks for following my advice to have your puppy rock the leash. Now it’s chewing on it. Check out my IGTV to get that leash out of your dogs mouth. Remember, if given the choice between your kids, your pant leg or your rug you would rather have your puppy chew YOUR leash. You can lightly, but directly take back control of the leash (your #1 guidance tool & key to good habits!).

Sprint, cool down, rest: Get your puppy’s drive on the right station at the right time. Check out the daily regimen webinar in my app.

Sprint: 1 of 5 activities that burns your puppy’s primal energy (short term relief), makes him more guidable when you pair confinement with a bone (the next step/medium term relief) and as you train “no” through “go” you develop your dogs overall disposition and CANINE CHARACTER (if done correctly)!!!

Food based training Tug/fetch Off leash simulation Loose leash walking Play with other dogs Cool Down: Pair confinement (crate) or semi-confinement (leash/baby gates) and a bone.

Rest: Super-duper passed out sleeping so you can act like you don’t have a puppy and catch up/get ahead so you can wake up junior before he wakes you up and do it again!!

Stack activities to get more energy out of your dog. For example play tug/fetch first then walk your puppy, especially as the last sprint of the day.

Make sure to withhold a high value bone to help keep your puppy up longer!! Do what I just mentioned and then sic him on one of his favorite bones he hasn’t gotten for half a day, so you know he’ll go at it even if he is tired. By doing this you are EARNING the right to sleep in.

Doggie daycare as a very young puppy: If there aren’t illnesses floating around your local area get this puppy to doggie day care. Just don’t become overly reliant on it.

Take better care of yourself so you have peak energy to devote to your puppy. Hit the sac at a decent time. Put the screens away. No scrolling, no Netflix binging before bedtime. You got a Champion that you need to wake up before!!

You need to develop a relentless dog on the field and one that relents off the field. They go hand-in-hand. THIS IS KEY!! The best defense is a great offense. Channel your puppy’s drives.

If you get and train your dog in an excited state through play it lends well to situations off the field like when guests come over for example.

Barking/whining is just another reason you need to drive the process. It’s sooo much easier to manage your puppy’s energy and set it up for success in the crate (blanket over it, Alexa playing some music (my champions love Kenny G) in a quiet area of the house. Once habituated to this you can then move the crate to a more convenient location for you.

You need to earn the right to sleep through the night.

Stop managing time and management energy.

Training versus development… Training to me means you are “going through the motions” doing societies version of having a checklist of non-life skills rich activities. Development intentionally chips away at the rough edges of you puppy’s character until your dog is super easy to live and do things with.

The only reason I train a dog is so I can set it up to be developed all day long. What I say, “what we do on the field as a coach is the exact same thing we do off the field, all day long!”

Pace your training sessions in a way that reduces it barking, laying down, checking out, scavenging.

You need to develop a relationship with your local doggie daycare, so you have as many energy and boarding options as possible.

Got questions about your puppy?

Email: in the subject line put: podcast. If you give me good details, I can give you a great answer!! Want to talk: 1-877-552-4267


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