Foster Dog Friday – Episode #2 | Effective Training Saves Lives!

Foster Dog Friday – Episode #2 | Effective Training Saves Lives!

Welcome to my new YouTube video series: Foster Dog Friday – Dog Training and Behavior Tips, How-To, and Q&A!

The idea behind this weekly video series is to help people who are struggling with their dog find answers, and to help rescues by giving foster families the tools to help create well behaved dogs for their forever homes!

My goal is that with the right information more dogs can stay in their homes, rescue groups can have more successful adoptions (and less returns back to the program), and foster homes can have a game plan to create well behaved, adoptable dogs!

Episode #2 talks about the importance of dogs learning polite manners and how the right training tools can make a huge difference in a dog’s behavior! The reality is that poorly behaved dog are not finding homes, or being returned to the shelter after adopting because their pulling, jumping, barking, etc are all too difficult for their family to handle. Dog’s can have their behavior drastically improved when proper training is applied – training doesn’t have to take months to work, and with balanced training tools like a the prong collar, a dog’s walk can be improved in 30 minutes. Training tools are available to help us communicate with our dogs in a distracting world, and dogs in shelter need behavior results sooner than later if they want to stand a chance at making it out of there!

I believe people have the right intentions when they foster/rescue/volunteer and try to work with/train dogs, but often are given only one “approved” training method of food rewards and positive reinforcement only- and the results are slow moving, limited, and fall apart under distractions (which becomes very frustrating for the dog and the people try to help them). This ideology of only one “correct” way to train dogs is leaving many dogs (and families) under serviced, struggling, and possibly “unadoptable.” There are a million ways to train dogs, so let’s remember to be open minded to all approaches that have happy dogs, successful owners, and results that can drastically improve in even one session – which may be all the time some dogs have before they are taken to the shelter or PTS! More understanding about the value of effective training AND open minds will save dog’s lives!

There is no lack of love in rescue – just a lack of information! Please make sure to check out the links below for the training videos I mention in the video. ALSO, make sure to check out the special Bonus clips (before the episode and after!) of working with 5 month old BONE, an American Bulldog mix who PULLS on the leash and nearly broke his owner’s hand slamming her into a door frame. He arrived on a harness, pulling like a bulldozer, and after a short introduction to a prong collar he is still the same happy pup, but more tuned in and much easier (and less dangerous!) to walk because he is finally under control! The right tools can make all of the difference 🙂


How To: Introducing a Dog to a Prong Collar: (The Yellow Lab!!!)

How To Stop Pulling in 10 minutes or Less:

How To: Teaching the Place Command:

Prong Collars 101:

Enjoy 🙂

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