Dog Reactivity Training purely positive vrs balanced Training

Dog Reactivity Training  purely positive vrs balanced Training

In this video Dog Reactivity Training purely positive or balanced Training? Thomas takes you through his process of evaluating a reactive dog with an owner who has come from Philly after trying 6 different trainers to address this problem. This dog attacks other dogs while on the leash on walks. After 6 trainers this problem continues as the owner discusses how this has been getting worse as her dog attacks other dogs at the dog park. Thomas discusses past dog training methods used and the owners experience with the past training experiences. This series will take you from in the door at the ACA through the behavior modification process to help build a stronger relationship between dog and owner. Thomas discusses the differences between purely positive dog training and balanced training and the effectiveness of both. We hope that this video helps owners to understand their dogs behavior and the most effective ways to address their dog training challenges.
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