Crate training drills—

Crate training drills—

Crate training drills—here’s how I introduce a dog to the crate.

Tina Benson

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I am a Registered Nurse by vocation and a dog trainer by passion! STAT means now, and I use it in my business because my clients often need immediate assistance in getting their dog in a better head space. I know that feeling all too well, because several years ago I brought home 2 puppies (littermates) but had no idea what to do with them—I didn’t even have a crate! In no time at all, they took over my home and nearly ruined it–and me–in the process. I was thinking of returning the dynamic duo until someone suggested a dog trainer. That was the start of my journey into dog training. I empathize with your struggle because I was once in your shoes, and my 2 dogs and I are proof that you can make any bad situation better!

We specialize in board and train, and also offer private lessons at your home or at our location, phone consultations, structured boarding, and Ecollar dog training workshops.

We work to stop all behavior problems, from resource guarding, leash reactivity, separation anxiety, barking, nipping, lunging, pulling, biting, running away, not listening and anything in between. We take a balanced approach when training, and we use Ecollars and prong collars.

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Crate Training

Crate Training

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